Boucheron White Merlot 2017

Boucheron White Merlot 2017

'A White Merlot, indeed!"

  • Only White Merlot in SA!
  • Easy to drink ...
  • A conversation piece ...


Boucheron Wines teamed up with Piet Bredell who is our inhouse winemaker. He mastered the way of making the White Merlot since 2012!


Fredy Pummer, the owner, and Piet Bredell are now developing this wine into its full potential: a refreshingly different wine that offers versatility to a wide assortment of foods, including Sushi!


With Boucheron Wines customers support, this wine has developed a sensational following. The unique flavour profile of raspberry and lime differentiates it strongly from conventional merlots and consumers love it!


Piet Bredell, the winemaker, works closely with Fredy to create a unique wine that maintains its signature accessibility and versatility. Piet has really honed the process to improve the quality of each new vintage. 

Fredy Pummer and Piet Bredell share the responsibility for producing the White Merlot each year. Piet Bredell has certainly added value with his wine making expertise. Piet makes the wine in its base form and together with Fredy Pummer then polishes it to ensure continuity each year. The exact technique is a secret, adding a lot of intrigue to this delicious wine.

White: White Merlot
Region: Stellenbosch
Bottle size: 750 ml
Wine Style: Clean and Crisp Whites
Vintage: 2017
Alcohol Volume: 12%
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