Cereal and Wine Pairing

Author: Lydia Afonso
Date created: 2016/04/18

You love wine. You also love cereal… particularly after getting in late after a long day. So, you get home and have a bowl of cereal whilst opening a bottle of wine without even thinking about what you are doing. Enter cereal + milk + wine. Is this even possible? It certainly seems like a good idea. After all, cereal is the only food that can follow an outstanding meal.

“Enter cereal + milk + wine. Is this even possible?”


Gary Vaynerchuk on Episode 734 of Wine Library TV

Gary V’s face with a mouthful of Riesling + Cap’n Crunch 

We really can’t take credit for the inspiration of pairing wine with cereal. This ridiculous/genius idea was brought forth by Gary Vaynerchuk , the original social media monster of wine. 7 years ago (which is, by the way, more like 49 years on twitter) during episode #734, Gary V. matches a 95-point rated German Spätlese Riesing with Cap’n Crunch. He makes a particularly convincing expression which made us want to throw out all common logic and give the idea of putting cereal and wine together a try. Mind you, we’ve got a lot of practice (if you can call it that) pairing food and wine and we believe there is a system to making great pairings. Naturally, this couldn’t be passed up.


Cereal and Wine Pairing Throw Down

Cereal and Wine Pairings by Wine Folly