Q & A With Willie De Waal - Scali Wines

Q & A With Willie De Waal - Scali Wines
Author: Apriena Pummer
Date created: 2014/03/20

Why did you originally decide to shift from just grape growing to wine production too?


Because we enjoy great wines, we wanted to complete the full cycle from growing vines to enjoying the wine and to experience what the effect of our efforts in the vineyard has on the wine quality itself.


What is your winemaking philosophy?


My personal philosophy is to capture the unique personality of the vineyard in a natural way to have an identity with a sense of place


Tell us about the new wines in your portfolio.


We have produced the Scali Ancestor, method Ancestrale, a sparkling wine that adds a perfect new twinkle to the existing three wines.  The new Sirkel label presents youth, freshness and joy, while certified organic, at a lower price point


How do you balance your farming and wine production with having 5 young children?


A parent’s commitment to raising a family with love and being involved in every day of your kids’ lives is essential. Therefore we work during the day till a cut off time of 17h30, after which it’s a 100% family time. After school our kids often join me in the vineyards, or play “office” while we are in the office, so we try to work while including our kids.