De Redley White Merlot Launch

De Redley White Merlot Launch
Author: Apriena Pummer
Date created: 2015/02/25

The launch of De Redley White Merlot in Amsterdam, The Netherlands

The launch of the De Redley White Merlot was a great success. Top restaurant  and wine bar owners, wine distributors and wine bloggers were invited. The idea was to express different dimensions of De Redley White Merlot.


One of the top cocktail barmen in Amsterdam, Daan Mens, was there to show De Redley White Merlot in different dimensions. He crafted unique cocktails all accentuating the flavours of De Redley White Merlot.  Guests enjoyed his reconstructions but ultimately the wine in its natural form flowed amongst the wine authority of Amsterdam. 


Our international sales team was there to be our ambassadors. Demba Lerm, featured in the video, was the toast master and delighted guests with his charm and intimate knowledge of De Redley white merlot.

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