Food and Wine

Food and Wine
Author: Apriena Pummer
Date created: 2015/01/15

Pairing food and wine: Gordon Ramsay shows us how to cook venison steaks with a wine and chocolate sauce

Valentine’s Day calls for romantic food. Now, as discussed in Wine 101, chocolate and wine are always on the menu on this romantic day and hint at the romance to follow after dinner with that special person. Gordon Ramsay shows us how to combine the two with his Venison with Chocolate and Wine Sauce.


This dish is delicious and easy to prepare, with venison springbok steaks readily available at your local Woolworths. Sweet potato is a great accompaniment with this dish if you are looking for a starch. If you don’t have the butter wrapper in the video, you can still get away with this dish as the butter moistens and protects the fillet from drying out.


The wine we suggest is the Boucheron Pinotage 2013. This wine is a winner with venison and pairs well with chocolate too. Pinotage always goes well with venison or game for that matter. The richness and gaminess of pinotage makes it ideal. The buttery element of the dish pairs really well with this smooth, buttery pinotage. Use the same wine in the sauce for a perfect match.