Introducing Mont Destin

Introducing Mont Destin
Author: Apriena Pummer
Date created: 2014/11/06


"Mont Destin is French for Mountain of Destiny – Ernest, my husband-to-be (who I met in France while backpacking) and I decided in 1996 to start our life together in SA and after searching the winelands for 6 months discovered an incredibly special piece of land which had a view of the Table Mountain – we love France – hence the name choice. We were like modern day pioneers as there was absolutely no infrastructure on the land or vineyards so we started everything from scratch.


Now we are a small, family run boutique wine farm specializing in Shiraz and Rhone-inspired red blends for wine lovers and connoisseurs who are looking for something outstanding and unique.


I fell in love with shiraz in 2002 when I made my first wine, which we named The Destiny Shiraz. I have had no formal winemaking training – just learning by doing – receiving advice and guidance by other passionate winemakers over the years." - Samantha Burgin

Try their Mont Destin: Destiny Shiraz 2010, Passione 2010, and 11 Barrels 2013 wines here