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Food & Wine
Author: Apriena Pummer
Date created: 2014/10/08

Pairing Food and Wine:
Jamie Oliver shows us how to cook the perfect sesame encrusted tuna steak



The season of Tuna is about to commence so we decided it’s a great time to look at how to prepare tuna and what wines pair with it. Jamie Oliver, above, shows us how to prepare Asian tuna encrusted with sesame seeds and we discuss the best tactics in selecting wines that pair with tuna.


When deciding on pairing wines with tuna, it is not as simple as other fish as the flavour body of tuna is heavier than that of its white fleshed counterparts such as kingklip but still more delicate than red meat. The idea is to choose a wine with higher acidity and lower or more supple tannins. Tuna is meatier than regular fish and this allows for delicate red wines to be paired with it.


Pinot Noir leaning towards higher acidity than earthiness is ideal. Cool climate Pinot Noir from areas like Hermanus and Elim do exceptionally well. These Pinot Noirs offer delicate supple tannins and higher acidity. An ideal example would be the Seven Springs Pinot Noir 2012. Delicate Syrah’s from cooler climates would also pair well, a great example would be the Trizanne Coastal Syrah 2011 from Elim.


Spicy flavourings such as soy sauce, offering an umami (almost like Bovril or Marmite) flavour will pick up on the earthiness of the Pinot Noir or Syrah. Go easy on the chilli in the recipe above, I would slice the chilli very fine.