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Food & Wine
Author: Apriena Pummer
Date created: 2014/08/06

Pairing Food and Wine: A warm, juicy steak?



We have covered a rib-eye recipe video before but steak is so versatile and a personal favourite so let’s revisit the great piece of meat. Gordon Ramsay shows us how to do it best in his Ultimate Cookery course.


When pairing steak with wine it is always about the body of the wine. The wine should be able to stand up to the meat concerned. The crispy bits on steak pair well with big red wines with more tannins, so go for Cabernet Sauvignon, Red Blends or a Shiraz for example. This month we have a great promotion for Red Blends that pair beautifull with a seared steak, CLICK HERE.


The other element that is not covered in the video, is the need for a cast iron pan or griddle. After working in some of South Africa’s best kitchens I can tell you that the difference is absolute. Cast iron retains heat far better than stainless steel and as a result reaches the right temperature range for searing the steak, locking in all the juices and creating that brown crispy coat.


Before cooking your steak:


Take it out of the packaging and place it on a drying rack in your pantry, the steak should be slightly lifted. This allows the excess moisture to evaporate and is called dry ageing. This practice will result in the steak not steaming in excess moisture when you cook it, allowing for more tender steak. (Do this especially with venison or ostrich steaks from Woolworths).


Gordon Ramsay’s Ultimate Cookery Course is available through Kalahari for R482 including free delivery, CLICK HERE.