Food & Wine

Food & Wine
Author: Apriena Pummer
Date created: 2014/06/04

Pairing food and wine: How to make Sauce Bolognese in under 3 Minutes


This week we look at the humble bolognese. Bolognese is really one of my all-time favourites, it’s a comfort food and absolutely delicious! The only issue is that sometimes we don’t have the time to prepare it. Gordon Ramsay will show us how to prepare it in under 3 minutes in the video above and we’ve paired this recipe with our Cape Rock SMV 2010.


The nice part about this recipe is that we actually add a glass of this wine to the sauce as part of the recipe and that means that is already partially paired to the dish. The Shiraz and Mourvedre components pair well with the spiciness that the oregano and Worcestershire sauce brings.


This recipe is so easy and rewarding. You could use many red wines as the wine ingredient in this dish, just make sure that the acidity is high enough to stand up to the tomato components. Tomato needs time to become sweet and this dish is cooked really fast, a red wine with a lower acid might not pair as well. I like to leave out the milk, enjoy!